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 and so it goes.

I just graduated. 
There are so many feelings rushing through me. 
When I say I just graduated, I really mean I graduated about 7 hours ago. During the ceremony, I was excited, buzzing, thrilled. Everything was so beautiful and happy and everyone around me was just as happy as I was. As I was handed my diploma case, there was this amazing sense of accomplishment that just rushed through every vein of my body. And I walked back to my seat, and past my high school friends, and they all shook my hand and smiled at me and everything felt so... magical. 
We released about 500 butterflies, threw our hats into the air, and everything was over. We're done. My family came rushing down, we took so many pictures, and then in a blur, it was all over. We went to lunch, came home, and that was it. 
As I was driving to my mom's house from my dad's, this strange, unexplainable feeling washed over me. Something like dread. 
Everything I have ever known is gone now. 


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